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Author Topic: hey Its a New Qin Story  (Read 2141 times)

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hey Its a New Qin Story
« on: April 20, 2005, 11:29:16 AM »
-=Writers Note: Granted its not an AO story but i know you guys liked some of my other stuff so i thought i'd give ya a taster of the new story hope you enjoy it=-

Jimmy Cracked Khorn But We Dun Care - By Qin

?So Jimmy where we going today?? the Orc asked the little raptor who just stood there tapping his talons waiting to be fed yet again. ?Well you?re no bloody help are you lets go see what mischief we can get up to and with a little luck kill a few of them stinking dwarfs? the mentioning of killing Dwarfs has Jimmy bouncing up and down with eager anticipation.

So the two adventurers head off to Rachet, a little village containing those crafty creatures known as goblins hoping to get there before the boat leaves. As the two run off Jimmy stops and sniffs the air ?Whats up Jimmy?? the raptor begins to growl and darts off into the swamp. ?Hey hold up ya little bastard your supposed to follow me not the other way round? So the Orc trundles off after his little friend, who is probably the brains of the pair.

I suppose by now you thinking? Who are these two idiots well I suppose I should give you a back story so then you can decide for yourself. My name is Qin by the way an observer from another time and place but that?s not important, what we need to focus on are these two savages that I have been watching for some time.

I first noticed this Orc when he was wet little twerp right out of boot camp in the valley of Trials in the land of Durotar, for some strange reason he seemed gifted with a bow but was lacking in hand to hand combat and had a loving for Animals not in a bestiality sexual way mind, but as in he could just sit and watch them for hours and tried soo hard to talk to them like a big fat green Dr Dolittle but this usually resulted in many of the creatures taking offence to his incredible bad breath and the sad little twerp would end up having to run for his life and take his revenge from a distance. As the time passed be became stronger and ventured out of the Valley and headed over to see the trolls near by, strange looking creatures trolls when they are not kicking back and relaxing smoking up some sun blossom they can be rather aggressive I suppose that?s when they have run out of sun blossom or someone has stolen their stash.

Soon The Orc made friends with one of the trolls probably the Ugliest troll I have ever seen, he goes by the name of Dybbuk, like the Orc, Dybbuk was a rather keen shot with the bow so the two would go hunting together and soon they received a summons from the town of Razorhill.


The Orc looked up but wasn?t too sure what was happening as per usual

?Erm?.someone called??


Not needing to be told twice Khorn heads over to see the giant Orc that summoned him and Dybbuk how ever Dybbuk had disappeared he heard that there was a herbalist in Razorhill and I know I have already told you how them trolls love them herbs.

?Khorn its come to our attention that you might not be such a crappy little miserable excuse for an Orc after all apparently according to rumour your fairly handy with a bow. So here?s the deal I give you a stick that lets you tame creatures I hear you had a few problems in boot camp with some of those pesky little pigs. All you need to do is just wave it the stick for a while and hey presto you got a new friend, got that??

?Just wave the stick at a creature. Got it? Khorn replied in a confused tone

?Right get out of my site I got things to do oh and if you see that pal of yours send him my way I got a job for him that might keep him away from the sun blossom for a while?

?Will do sir?

With that Khorn moves off out into the barrens to make himself a friend of the Animals not far out of the town he is attacked by a Raptor a big one too, so Khorn does his usual and runs away like a pathetic human screaming how he managed to outrun a raptor I have no idea have you guys ever seen that film Jurassic Park? Those little bastards are fast! So panting and out of breath Khorn falls to his knees and thanks the gods for his luck and vows that one day he will either kill or have a for his very own. Looking to test his new magic stick he comes across a herd of wild boars picking the sickly looking one that might not put up a fight Khorn waves his stick and after a few moments he finds the little boar rubbing up against him.

?Sweet pig lovin? Khorn exclaims and heads off to get some revenge on a few little nasties that in the past gave him trouble, as the days passed by and the pigs came and went Khorn became more and more confident with his new skills in animal handling, felt strong enough to capture that raptor and bend him to his will, so he went in search of raptor that would be weak willed enough to bend to his commands. Days passed by and no raptors could be found but still he continued to hunt. As the sun was falling on the third day off in the distance he heard a familiar scream

?HELP ME!!!!!? cried the voice in the distance

Khorn ran as hard as he could and soon caught up to where the scream had been heard but he was too late by the time he arrived a raptor was busy chewing away on a fallen Orc not anyone he recognised but seeing a raptor in a weakened and distracted state so he set to work.

?Raptor your time has come you is gonna be Khorns bitch now!?

As the Raptor looked up from his meal he growled he knew what was happening and tried to attack Khorn but it was too late the spell was near complete and then the Raptor stopped charging towards Khorn and just sat there looking confused and slowly is moved to meet Khorn.

?You and me are gonna have lots of fun little fella, I?m going to use you to help me kill all your family and friends, see you and your kind can?t go around munchin me chums and someone needs to teach you as lesson?

As the time passed by and many Raptors and Boars and some of those annoying Harpies were slain Khorn and his pet Raptor found some kind of bizarre friendship.

?Raptor? Hmm I can?t keep calling you that can I?


?Right need to name you, something easy to remember how about demon-soul?? Suggested Khorn this earned Khorn a slap with the raptors tail

?Aww come on Demon-Soul is a cool name?


?for the gods sake I can?t call you something boring like Dave or James you?re a vicious killer?


?You want a boring name like that??

The raptor bounces up and down with excitement





This went on for hours with Khorn getting more and more frustrated to the point he wished there was a harpies close just so he could vent some anger.


This got resulted in a slight slap with the tail from the Raptor

?Either you like that one or ya just bored of slapping me?


?Ok so ya not bored and you liked that one, but James, come on can we cut it to Jim or Jimmy??

Then the Raptor starting bouncing up and down and you know I think he even purred and started wagging his tail. So right there and then Jimmy was born and then the fun really started.

So where were we? Oh yes that?s right those two were heading to Rachet until Jimmy did his usual and ran off somewhere.

To be continued??..
iF yA DuN lIkE iT BiTe mE BiTcH!!!


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