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Author Topic: Welcome to Rubika! We hope you enjoyed your flight!  (Read 2889 times)

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Welcome to Rubika! We hope you enjoyed your flight!
« on: October 14, 2006, 05:12:00 AM »
((Ok, so I wasn?t ever the one getting all As in English and writing, so bare with me on this. I just wanted to write something up for my characters return to AO. I was a business and math student.. not writing.. So please don?t be too hard on me  :| ))

It has been a long time since I have been home. The time has come now though, that I must return. I miss it. I miss him?

New Entry:
The flight was a long one. I had forgotten how long the trip was. But I feel it should be worth it. Although I do not know what awaits me when I return. I wonder if he has waited for me, or if he has moved on.

I landed in Old Athens, late in the evening. I slept a lot of the way in. What else is there to do on a 16 hour flight? I made my way through town. Seems not a whole lot has changed. Only me. I check my comm., and no one seems to be around. Which is ok, I?m not sure they should know I am back yet. I want to make sure he knows first, if I can. Seems funny, I can?t seem to remember where a lot of things are, but I guess when you take a couple years of ?vacation? (if you want to call it that) that can happen.

I?m sitting under a tree in the park now. Seems peaceful to be back. Even with all this fighting still going on, still just seems right. I wonder where he is, what is he doing? Has he left?

I?m tired now. I think I will rest. Funny how you sleep through most of a long trip, yet when you get where it is you are going? You are still tired.

End Entry.

She sleeps at the foot of the tree. No need to try and find home. There probably isn?t anyone there anyway.

She awakens to realize she has been sleeping for quit some time. Not believing that she had slept that long. Checking the time, she decides to check out her old hang out. Reets.

Making her way there, she notices outside of the Whoom-pahs in Borealis there it is? Omni propaganda. She rolls her eyes in disgust and just keeps walking past them. They glare at her, as they do to all the Clanners. She transfers to Stret West, and makes her way to Reets. Nothing seems to have chan? Wait? What is that in the distance? She stares at this large city that seems to be not too far from behind Reets. She wonders what it is, but is more concerned with just seeing something very familiar.

She makes her way into the downstairs entrance of Reets Retreat. Taking in a deep breath and smiling with great relief. ?This is more like it.? She says, and makes her way into where the fireplaces were. And seems they still are. Everything just how it was when she left. No one is there, but that?s ok. She checks her comm. and everything seems so quiet. She makes her way through Reets to the dance floor. Oh, the infamous dance floor. Gridstream Productions.. Are they still around? She wonders.

She gets up there to see something very shocking? She stands there, jaw dropped, and in disbelief. Its.. empty. No DJs, no Atrox in thongs, no one throwing Jelly Beans, no one... at all. Frowning, she heads over by the bartender. At least she hasn?t changed (much).

She takes a seat on the couch, and pulls out her journal to write.

New Entry:
Wow, Reets is empty! This is new. I don?t remember the last time I walked into this place to only see the people working here. There seemed to always be something going on here. Maybe there is somewhere new? I guess I should ask around and see. I tried to get Gridstream to tune in on my comm. but I wasn?t getting anything. I?ll have to try again later.

Another that I noticed has changed. Everyone, everywhere? They are all so quiet! Even the leaders are, and I know that?s different. They used to make sure there was always talk going on! Plotting on the Omni? Helping each other out? Now, there is nothing there.

As I sit here, I contemplate messaging him? But I think I should wait. Something tells me to wait. I remember when we met. It was here, and I probably have an entry on it somewhere in these books, but I think I?ll tell again?

It was here, at a party. DJ Otori was on with Katieblu. He waked in and made his presence known. As I was dancing with Pennygadget, I felt something hit me in the head. I felt my head, everything ok, and then I look around me, and it seemed that someone had thrown some Jellybeans at me. So I picked them up, and threw them back at him. We danced and flirted a little bit that night, spoke a few times after that. But I would not see him again for a while.

The next time we met was at the battle grounds. We both happened to show up to help defend the Notum Towers for our friends. After killing off some Omni and scaring off the rest I saw him as the grounds cleared. We all hung around together, making sure everything was to stay safe. We spoke some more? And that was the end of that.. The rest is a long history that I could talk about for days or just write a book on. I?ll stop here for now though.

Think I may just sit here for a while, and enjoy the music of Reets without a DJ? They never changed that either, I see.

End Entry.

She sat there for some time. Just thinking and reminiscing on what was, and what may come of her being back home. There is so much that she missed out on, and so much that she needs caught up on.

It starts to get late, and with still no where to go, she decides to rest there for the night. She curls up on the couch and twirls the ring around her finger. She closes her eyes, and a single tear falls down her cheek. She slowly fades to sleep, and dreams of the better days, the days she wished that she had never walked out on? The days of bliss that she wished she never let go?

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Re: Welcome to Rubika! We hope you enjoyed your flight!
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2006, 07:52:59 AM »
and *thats* because the jellybeans got lost, and then there were no more jellybeans, its a tragic story, but its in the past :)
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