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Author Topic: Storm Recruitment -- Rules and How To Apply  (Read 5896 times)

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Storm Recruitment -- Rules and How To Apply
« on: August 31, 2009, 03:41:58 PM »

-No level requirement (but there is an expectation that you will level and participate in TL7 content in due course)
-Clan for at least 3 months
-Have a good reputation
-Have a decent attitude
-Willing to help others
-Participate in guild events, both raids and tower wars (base defence is mandatory)

Who should not apply?
-People who don't know what friendship is
-Immature, impatient and humorless people
-Selfish people who only care about loot
-People who despise pvp
-People who buy/sell characters on eBay

How long will I have to wait until I'm in Storm?
-Once you have applied here we will endeavor to interview and recruit you to our ranks as soon as possible.  If you're unwilling to apply here, then perhaps Storm isn't for you. Under certain circumstances, Storm may recruit an applicant first, and ask you to post an application after the fact.

How can I speed things up?
-Chat with our members, be at our hangout, participate on guild events, help out members etc. Begging/ass kissing will result in denial.

I got a RL friend or family member in Storm, but recruitment is closed, what can I do?
-We make exceptions for RL friends and family. Make sure you post who your RL friend is.

Why no level requirement?
- Storm is happy to welcome both old and new players alike. A thriving community does need diversity, and, provided the attitude is correct, both newcomers and veterans can experience the game together in Storm.

What is the policy on alts?
-We do not require that all your alts join Storm, but those that do must be associated with your main character in our bot. Any unassociated characters may be removed from Storm without notice.

I got more questions, who can I contact?
-Contact an officer in-game, or through PMs on this forum. A list of officers can be seen on the guild roster (Ranked Squad Commander and up).

Read through all? Still want to apply? Answer these questions in your application:
(Keep in mind that the more we know about you the better, so therefore, dont be afraid to type alot. in fact, we encourage it.):

What is your name, your profession, and your level? Who are your alts? *Disclosure of all alts is is mandatory, not being open about what characters you play will lead to rejection of your application. If you share accounts or other people have access to your accounts, please contact an officer ingame or via PM on forums.
(During our internal reputation check, some members may know you better by your alts than your main)

-How would you describe yourself as a MMOG player?
(What do you aim for in a game? Why do you play?)

-Describe your experiences in other MMOGs (WoW, UO, EQ, AC, etc...)?
(What were you? PvPer, role player, eventer? What was it about those games that you liked/disliked?)

-Have you ever been in another guild in AO?
(Why did you originally join it? What was wrong with it when you left, and why do you see Storm as a better place?)

-What exactly are you looking for in a guild?
(Tell us what you are looking for, for example: what activities you might want to get involved in, what you might expect from it's members, what is it about a guild which would make you want to stay in it?)

-What time zone are you in?
(This will help us know which officer should get in touch with you and give an idea of when to setup an interview.)

-What's your native language?
(We have officers and member all over the world. It could help to be able to set up an interview with someone who speaks your native language.)

Post your application in a new thread, an officer will respond and close it. Storm will discuss your application in our private forum, and you will be contacted in-game with the outcome. If successful, you will be interviewed and then invited to Storm for your applicant period (trial). You may PM me or another officer with your application if you don't want to post it in public. However if we find out you're applying to several guilds at once you will be denied.

One last thing: Apply with the character you play most and be active during your applicant period.

Storm officers can alter the rules or overrule them as they see fit.
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