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Author Topic: A Short introduction to Storm  (Read 2185 times)

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A Short introduction to Storm
« on: March 19, 2013, 09:23:31 PM »
Hello Prospective Applicants,

Storm Recruitment is currently open for all time zones. Our most active time zone is EU. We have worldwide membership with members in US and Australian time zones along with people who just play at different times of the day.

We are active mainly at endgame, although we do have a range of characters playing across all levels. Our Members have a high level of knowledge and experience covering all of AO's content. We run raids on a regular basis to meet our members equipment/phats needs. We participate in NW and other PvP activities when the mood strikes and have a good laugh without exception.

Storm is welcoming to all players who are mature, have a good sense of humour and who want to play AO together with a bunch of friendly and experienced players. While most members are endgame focussed we will consider applications from everyone who feel they have something to contribute in the long term.

Your next step should be to read through or guide and rules for applications and then fill in your own. We are looking forward to meet you online in AO soon!

Would also be nice if you could make/rename your account name here into your ingame main, just so the forum people don't have to scratch their hair when figuring out who you are and such :)

Best regards,

The Storm team.
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