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Author Topic: Recruitment - Theotus  (Read 13 times)

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Recruitment - Theotus
« on: Yesterday at 09:35:07 PM »
What is your name, your profession, and your level? Who are your alts?

Hi all, my name is Rich, i am 41 years old, and from Manchester UK (ok, ok, i know you didn't ask that - but figured some personal background wouldn't hurt  :-D)

My main is called "Theotus" A level 216 Agent.  He is a old char from RK1 born in 2002 (as i recall).  I have several alts, most of them lower than level 100 and in fairly poor shape (something i might change at some point). In Fairness the MA isn't terrible for Temple of the 3 Winds.

In no order the alts are all called.

Theofix Lvl 74 Fixer
Theowhyld LvL 99 Advent
Nunchuckai LvL 60 MA
Pureclamz LvL Crat
Purenotum LvL 35 NT
Perfectnotum LvL 47 MP

-How would you describe yourself as a MMOG player?

Experienced, Old and now very, very casual. As a more serious answer, i play now to unwind, I have a 7 month old daughter, and a busy job so i consider gaming (and mmo's) my "me time" - the enjoyment in mmo's is having fun with others, teaming and doing PvE - i like chatting with guildies/clan members whilst i mission or quest - very fond of the social side. I am also very fond of the RPG aspects (char building) all though obviously time constrained.

My aim (as lame is it sounds) is to unwind from the daily grind of life when i get to play - obviously i like to improve my char, but it's not the primary driver - exploring the game world and participating with its goings on is. In AO i am more likely to concentrate on PvE than PvP (but more than willing to help in PvP at towers should it be needed); but i've always liked AO's PvE.

-Describe your experiences in other MMOGs (WoW, UO, EQ, AC, etc...)?
(What were you? PvPer, role player, eventer? What was it about those games that you liked/disliked?)

This could be a really long topic, i have played a huge amount of MMOs going back to UO in the late 90s, So if i was to pick a few...

Anarchy: I Played mainly for the PvE and it was my first real love in terms of a MMO, the music the setting etc. Instantly loved it. but it was my first real introduction to twinking and whilst i had played other MMOs id consider my time in  AO all about the social aspects and learning the game - cause lets face it, its complex and nothing before or after has really come close.

SWG: My PvP game. I was a Bounty Hunter from the days the servers opened, till the day they shut down. Again the game had an amazing community - and i focused on the PvP in it. The crying shame with this game was they way it was treated by Sony (and i don't just mean the NGE, there was so much wrong throughout the development of the various states of the game).

WoW: I Ran a 40 person raiding guild in classic: I was never really in love with the setting or the game, but the raiding was excellent - and it was my first time running a guild where it wasn't a casual and friend thing - it was "srsbusiness" :-) We actually ended up the 2nd (or 3rd, its up for debate) raiding guild on the server as the first expansion launched ; i had a lot of fun, but it really was a second job and something i will never do again. I had to hand over the guild as i basically had a meltdown dealing with it all... brilliant experience, never to be repeated.
In really could go on, i have played a lot of MMO's each with there charm, if you want to ask me about others might be better in a chat ;-)

-Have you ever been in another guild in AO?
(Why did you originally join it? What was wrong with it when you left, and why do you see Storm as a better place?)

I've been in 3 in total i think. The first one was something like "microsoft" and i don't recall much about it.
The next 2 were both brilliant

The first was called The Velvet Glove and was my house mates guild. I also ended up being an officer. The guild was all social, and a bit RP - it was amazing fun and i didnt leave it for any negative reasons, a number of us however wanted to raid and progress a bit more and the guild wasn't cut out for that - also interest had died down a people had started to move on to other games. We already had a really close relationship with Nocturnal fear ( as we sometimes joined them on PvE events and we hung out together) so it was a natural fit for those of us that wanted to to move to NF.

So the 3rd would be Nocturnal fear (as above) : again fond of my time (still have a couple of guys on my steam friends list) but the guild is dead and has been for some time i think. I don't see anyone around anymore - as such i need to move on to a new home that has people to play with, laughs to be had and such.

-What exactly are you looking for in a guild?
(Tell us what you are looking for, for example: what activities you might want to get involved in, what you might expect from it's members, what is it about a guild which would make you want to stay in it?)

As i guess  you might see from the rest of the tone of my application , my requirement is mainly social, cool people to talk to and the ability to interact with others in activities - I'd dearly like to get my main to 220 (something 17 years in the making) but honestly TL7 is a very lonely place for someone with no recent knowledge of the game and no clan - my expectations are for the clan to be friendly and inclusive (where reasonable).

Also why storm ?  Ultimately I am from RK1 and most of my play time was when RK1 was still a thing. I have always had positive interaction with storm members, there  is a shared history and that's important to me for reasons i can't explain. Ultimately if i was to be accepted the clan could decide if they liked me - and then we can take it from there :-) (i am not a flip flop type person as  you should be able to tell from my clan history).

Note re flip flop: I did apply once before, and just as i was putting in my application real life struck and i wasnt online for a long time - so obviously i just disappeared. if anyone remembers that - sorry - RL , Money etc. shouldn't happen this time.

-What time zone are you in?
(This will help us know which officer should get in touch with you and give an idea of when to setup an interview.)

UK - BTW i can also be found on discord if not in game - Trindermon #9775 - also in the AO discord chat.

-What's your native language?
(We have officers and member all over the world. It could help to be able to set up an interview with someone who speaks your native language.)


PPS: typing this whilst my 7 month old screams at me and the wife is out for a well deserved beer - excuse the english, i have to dash! :-)
ohh hai! :-)

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Re: Recruitment - Theotus
« Reply #1 on: Today at 12:46:55 AM »
Thanks for Applying to Storm!

We have a small application process which won't take too long to complete after that a recruitment officer will contact you ingame.

Until then feel free to join our guild guest channel, Just do /tell stormiebot !join, you will get denied access at first but someone will see the msg in guild chat and invite you in, Also feel free to hang with us at our org spot which is in front of BY 2 in OA.


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Re: Recruitment - Theotus
« Reply #2 on: Today at 01:33:45 AM »
Thanks for the consideration ;-)
ohh hai! :-)


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