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Author Topic: Application for RK19  (Read 129 times)

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Application for RK19
« on: March 08, 2019, 08:39:33 PM »
Hello Storm,

I'm looking for an org in the RK2019 Server.   Earlier today I was playing with Beatyoface in RK19 and he pointed me to this forum for application.
In RK, I am a member of Rubi-ka Marines at the moment but we are not very large and most players do not enjoy RK19. 
I am mostly looking for a RK19 group to play with, particulary with my doc. 

I started playing AO since 2002, on and off over the years.  After a 4 or 5 year break, I returned about a month ago finding my old org (Dark Crusaders) was completely innactive. 
During my travels, I met the org leader of Rubi-ka marines and I've been with them since. 

My "main" is Viperbarrage, a level 220/22 soldier.  I'm an alt-aholic and tend to play alts most of my time, but switch to my soldier for end game content.  Dont pvp much but I am working on a 150 agent for pvp. 

My alts include,
Kiltara (one of my first toons) level 182
Xyvious 150 keeper
Andronika-1 - 166 engi.

In RK19
Kiltara - 20 Doc

I've played many mmos but my main ones are AO, WoW, DDO, and CoH, in most of these I tend to play damange roles. 
In WoW, I played a mage for  most of my time and raided with a large guild (House or Arathor in Argent Dawn)
Each of those games have something that appeals to me, AO the numbers and twinking.  No other game has that. 
Wow, the story and graphics.
DDO the lore and well..its dungeons and dragons. 
CoH because who doesn't love super heroes?  game was fun, sad it isn't around anymore. 

Some personal details about me:
I'm a software developer from Florida.
40 years old and married (no kids yet).
born in Colombia but moved here when I was 10.

Hopefully I didn't miss any details but please feel free to reach out to me for anything else. 

Thank you

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Re: Application for RK19
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2019, 11:41:59 PM »
Thanks for Applying to Storm!

We have a small application process which won't take too long to complete after that a recruitment officer will contact you ingame.

Until then feel free to join our guild guest channel, Just do /tell stormiebot !join, you will get denied access at first but someone will see the msg in guild chat and invite you in, Also feel free to hang with us at our org spot which is in front of BY 2 in OA.



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