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Author Topic: Enforcing Fun  (Read 2044 times)

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Enforcing Fun
« on: May 15, 2003, 01:23:48 PM »
Enforcing Fun

Hello for those of you that don?t know me I am Sergio Western, commonly known as Rasche for some unknown reason its just a name I picked up as a baby nipple neck Atrox, Being a rather large Atrox I have always managed to get a job being a bouncer at the clubs around Rubika always good for spotting the sweet honeys as they come in to the clubs care a few nice looks from some and returning them with a smile and a wink. But some showed their dislike for me and my fellow nipple necks, I mean they wouldn?t go toe to toe with us but they made jibes about intellect.

I let most of these slide as I knew I could just knock them senseless in one easy punch and found their puny grumblings rather futile. But what they had not considered was that unlike many of my fellow Atrox breed I did have the capacity to learn and over the years I had learned a lot and I don?t mean I could just tie my laces together and count to 3. I have learned and understood quantum mechanics so I wasn?t daft.

Well anyway although I knew more than most Opiflex I never let it show I always put on an act, you kind of have to when working in the clubs. But a plot starting formulating in my mind. I need to make some real cash I thought and it hit me.

So for a few months I spent my time making connections with the seediest people on the planet apart from those anal retentive fools in Omnitek. I found to my disgust but again pure pleasure there were many that would suit me for my plan also during this time I was hiring out my services as a bodyguard for some of the top dogs in the Clans allowing me to workout a list of common target sites. Its rather easy being able to play dumb it makes it soo much easier to fool people.

One of the first people I came in contact with was the ?Fixer? as they are called or what we people who use English call a ?Fence? a fence can get what you want at a reasonable price through not entirely legal matters with no questions asked which was just what I wanted.

Soon it would be time for some Enforcing fun??
iF yA DuN lIkE iT BiTe mE BiTcH!!!


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