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Author Topic: Old New Years Story written for 2003  (Read 2592 times)

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Old New Years Story written for 2003
« on: January 05, 2004, 03:42:53 PM »
The Lost Evening

Mouth tasting like an ash trey I awoke to find myself half naked and cold in a local night club in Stret West. It was strange I appeared to be wearing someone elses boxers and my own cloths were no where in site, some girls who looked pretty hot were dancing a around also in next to nothing came to a complete stopped and looked over at me and winked

?Thanks for last night Qin you were amazing? the girls said in unison but I had no idea who they were

?Um ok erm thanks I guess? was all I could think of to say

?No thanks needed you sexay lil Opi can I call you sometime?? said the blonde

???of course you can?

God damn it what the hell happened last night and where for the4 love of god are my cloths?

Feeling rather embarrassed I shy away about asking where my cloths had gone to and I carefully and slowly head for the door but the loud pounding in my head starts to correspond with each footstep I take.

Once outside I am thankful that it is daylight otherwise I?d be freezing my arse off as I continue to make my to the Whompa I notice the disgusting amount of graffiti on the walls some drunken lout had been going on about something recently as the paint was still wet then to my horror it had been signed by myself


As I cover my face with shame at what had been written I get to the whompa and head to Borealis I figure I should go to where things went wrong the previous night. I must return to Tir and begin the search for my cloths.

As I arrived in Tir it occurred to me that I seemed to have misplaced my Yalm. So now wearing no cloths other than someone else?s boxer I have to deal with the fact that someone had stolen my Yalm or did I perhaps park it somewhere and forget?.

As I made my way slowly around Tir careful no to step on broken glass I was forced to walk even slower for some strange reason the air had become thick I was walking as fast as I could and some times I was not moving at all then all of a sudden I found I had travelled very far.

On my walk I found some of my fellow Stormers on of which is known as The Deacon who for some reason or another screaming about female nano mage feet while be ridiculed by his little pet. If I didn?t feel so rough I would have stopped to talk to him but as it happens the pounding was becoming worse.

A little further down the road I found an OLD friend who g0oes by the name Dragonax

Me: Dude where is my yalm?

Dragonax: Not sure i understand you Northern fairy

Me: Dude I have an apartment a couple of clicks up the road from you

Dragonax: Yes but I have to head north to get there!

Me: Can you help me or not?

Dragonax: It should be in your pocket


Dragonax: Ok calm down think when were you last dressed?

Me: mate if I knew that then I might be able to remember what happened

Dragonax: well my lil friend that?s all I can do

Me: Thanks for nothing no nutz Atrox

Then I carry on walking rather pissed off, it mean it wasn?t drags fault but I have a killer hang over and can be dealing with stupid questions like where were you last time you saw them? I mean if I knew that they wouldn?t be lost would they?

I continue my search for the missing cloths trying to figure out what happened coz maybe just maybe the Yalm is still in my pocket. As I approach the far North Tir I see another friend Caleena she seems to be bouncing up and down screaming ?wOt? . That girl always as a weird one.

As I approached her she looked rather pissed off and gave me an evil stare walks over to me and slaps me hard I never want to be hit with an armoured hand again.

Caleena: That was for last night

Me: What? What did I do?

Caleena: You know perfectly well, don?t play innocent withme, you?

Then off she goes in a complete strop leaving me confused about what had transpired

Now I am getting hungry and cold due to the chill winds running through Tir, my head is clearing up but for the life of me I still don?t know where my cloths got to. As I approach the south gate of Tir I am approached by a very cute looking blonde Solitus woman head to toe in Azure armour I think I recognise her face and she looks at me and smiles. Captivated by her smile I don?t keep my eyes on where I am walking and end up face first into a wall.

Pretty Blonde: Oh my. Are you ok?

Me: I?ve been better thanks for asking

Pretty Blonde: here let me help you up

The girl helps me off the floor obviously he has a lot of strength and not just a pretty face

Pretty Blonde: You Qin aren?t you?

Me: Yes I am. Pleased to meet you

Pretty Blonde: We have met before, I was in Camelot with the rest of Storm. I was the girl with the bow


Pretty Blonde: Its always nice when someone remembers my name.

Ok I remember that so I was sober when we met and obviously I had cloths on, as far as I remember I think I mentioned something about lovin a strong soli with bow. Then it dawns on me I am almost naked and a woman is actually talking to me guess I?m no that gimpy lookin after all.

Huntres: Nice boxers by the way

Me: Thanks but their not mine

Great now she thinks I?m gay and these are my boyfriends

Me: to be honest I don?t know who?s they are

Great now I look like a queer slut

Me: I got drunk last night I don?t know what happened and I woke up in Reets this morning like this

Great now I am an easy queer slut nice going Qin, what charm you have.

Huntres: Ah ok I see

Me: No I?m not queer or anything I just don?t remember and I am not easy I?m no slut

Huntres: Its ok I know your not gay I have heard about your exploits and as for not being easy that?s a shame

Ok now I am stunned did I just get missed out on being hit on by a sexy soli with a bow? Well done Qin you screwed up this time. I have to figure away out of this and try and get some of my dignity back which is not easy when you have sounded like and easy queer slut and your wearing someone boxers and nothing else.

Me: Um??

Then she laughs. Again not good when your almost naked infront of a sexy woman

Me: Look this is bad can we forget about this little chat and we can talk again when I have cloths on?

Huntres: Sure but seeing your body like that is all I am gonna see when I see you dressed now, and you know what for a little opiflex you got a nice body, well anyway I am needed in battle good luck finding your cloths. You might want to ask Miir about the boxers they look tailor made.

Then She runs off. But at least I got a tip about where to ask next to I head to the Whompa to go back to Athen and talk to Miir about the boxers he might have a customer list that way I might be able to narrow it down to who has my cloths.  

Ah I appeared on the other side of the whompa I found a large group of people laughing and pointing at me. Feeling rather awkward as it was already for me I looked down. Due to a whompa dimension problem I found the rest of my body had not materialised properly and my head was o backwards like something from a spoof science fiction film so I jumped back in and ended up back in Tir. Luckily my head was on the right way but I found the elastic was gone from the boxers and they slipped off my hips and yet another crowd was laughing at me one of which was Huntres who just winked and smiled. I picked up the boxers and went back in the whompa and appeared back in Athen. People were still laughing because the knew the effects that Alcohol in the blood stream can do to someone going through the whompa. However myself I don?t normally travel this way and normally fly doesn?t matter then even if I am still drunk no one an catch me and I have no licence to take away.

Anyway back to the story.

Grabbing the boxers so they don?t fall down I make my way to Miir?s shop

Miir: Ah Mr Qintakh if it is not my favourite customer

Me: I only came here once before Miir how can I be your favourite?

Miir: Well last night you came in here and spent one million credits on fine clothing


Miir: You got all excited about something some woman Caleena I think you said her name was wanted to talk to you about something and you insisted on looking your best

Me: A meeting with Cal? Might have something to do with her slapping me

Miir: Ah I see your still wearing the Mantis Silk boxers you had tailor made very pricey they were I am so glad you like them. But Mr Qin where are your other cloths?

Me: These boxers are mine?

Miir: Yes something about needing a pair of lucky pants. Oh if you need some more cloths as it appears you are getting cold

At that point I see Miir is staring at my erect nipples and has a look of wanting in his eyes then is dawns on me Miir is Queer. So I cover my nipples

Me: Yes that would be nice and you are sure these are my boxers

Miir: Without a doubt Sir I measured your inside leg myself

Me: And my old cloths?

Miir: Those last season rejects? Why would you want those?

Me: Gee let me think Miir would it be coz I am Naked?

At that point he winks at me

Miir: Why yes you are Mr Qin

Me: Just give me my old duds back you old queen

Then a look of shock comes over his face and he goes to his back office and gets my old cloths. I take them to the changing room and get dressed. In the pocket of my old trousers I find a key TC BY9 1a13 I guess it must be an apartment but it wasn?t mine I also found some loose change and a letter


I need to meet with you tonight at reets to discuss a few things dress smart you don?t want to stick out like a sore thumb. But I know you and what you are probably thinking and NO this is NOT I repeat NOT a date. We have much to talk about





Ok I think I know why Caleena might have slapped me but who can blame me she?s soo sweet but come on I know the Deacons after those toes so I am not gonna step on his to have a lil fun. Besides that Huntres girl was cute and I think I may still have a shot there (unless I did come off as an easy queer slut)

Well my clues were leading me back to Tir so it looks like I might be close to finding my cloths and my Yalm, but I have to admit its such a relief to know that these are MY boxers.

Again to be continued I mean will I ever stop?

I eventually arrived in Tir and was faced with the huge task of finding back yard 9. The guy that designed this city was a fool its layout makes no sense so I had to stop and ask for directions. Apparently its near the Arena.

The Arena is a stupid place where people kill each other for fun two people enter one walks out un harmed and the other ends up at the reclaim terminal. The guy at the reclaim usually then bitches and moans that the other guy cheated but come on if you are going into something knowing someone is gonna die the least you can do is accept your fate admit your crap and go and do kill some monsters

Anyway I finally found what I was looking for BY9 as I entered the back yard I found all these people fresh of the banana boat to Rubika all with sill little questions.

Noob: excuse me Mr martial artist qin

Me: Yo whats up?

Noob: I was wondering where I can get some money

Me: I tell ya what go back to that little training ground and kill things with your solar powered standard issue gun of yours but don?t worry although its getting dark its still going to work

Noob: Gee golly thank you. I got another question if you don?t mind

Me: Nope I don?t mind

Noob: how do I use the gun?

At this point I slap my head

Me: You are new aren?t you. Ok take the gun out of your pocket point it at a creature back there and pull the trigger and blam the gun works. Look I?m in kind of a rush here is my calling card if you need any more help

Noob: Thank you Mr Martial Artist you are the greatest

As I walk away from the noob I walk up the platform to the entrance to the apartments as always the lift is not working. As I make my way up the stairs I find that I can see smoke coming from under one of the doors. I trail the smoke and find that it is coming from the room I was looking for in a panic I forget to use the key and smash the thing down. But to my surprise I just see someone sitting in a chair smoking and drinking beer while playing around with a computer station.

Smoker: What the bloody hell are you doing smashing my door in like that

Me: I thought it was a fire I came to save you

Smoker: Not bloody likely Qin your probably here to find your stuff after last night

As I make my way through the smoky room I find the person I am talking to it?s a fellow Stormer Linolea. She?s a nice girl but due to heaving smoking her voice is not as sweet and delicate as it should sound its more like the voice of someone who has been abusing their lungs since they were out of nappies

Linolea: Sit down grab a brew

So I do I grab a can of beer and take a seat

Linolea: Dude you were soo drunk last night I was almost proud

Me: really I don?t remember

Linolea: You don?t remember stripping off in front of Caleena and doing helicopter impressions with your tackle?

Me: please tell me your joking

Linolea: Nope afraid not mate

Me: Shit well that would explain why she slapped me. So who got me so drunk?

At this point Linolea raises her hand

Linolea: Well you looked stressed out what with leaving Tempest recently you seemed kinda homesick so I thought we?d go out and have a few brews

Me: How am I gonna explain this to Caleena

Linolea: Don?t worry about it dude she will be cool in a few days

Me: So what happened to my cloths? And my other stuff

Linolea: Well your Yalm got towed away  you parked it ontop of an insurance reclaim and people were getting pissed so they had it towed but no biggie you can get it from the pound. Your cloths and amour etc you put it in the bank and gave me your card incase you lost it

Me: Thank god that?s been sorted now why the hell did you leave me in the club butt naked

Linolea: That wasn?t the plan but you know if I get lucky I get lucky and tough shit if I?m gonna get my kicks I?m leavin ya on your arse, besides you seemed to be doing ok. The moment you started stripping the girls came a running. Who would have thought an Opi could look so fine.

Well the mystery has been solved I know roughly what transpired that evening and I can now get my things. I am never drinking again, well not for a while, well not today, well not till after lunch

iF yA DuN lIkE iT BiTe mE BiTcH!!!

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Old New Years Story written for 2003
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2004, 04:16:05 PM »
i can't believe i read all this, but i like it :)

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Old New Years Story written for 2003
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2004, 04:49:47 AM »
As usual kickass shit qin lookin forward to hearin some more stories that u write on ur free time



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