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Title: New member application
Post by: Retlif on February 09, 2019, 05:03:22 AM
 Char names ( always been clanner)
Retlif 220 MP (Main)
Zuvazinga 220 shade
Retesla 220 NT
Reticent 220 Soldier
Krylvala 220 Trader
Retool 220 Engi
Retrial 220 Crat
Grindizer 00 enfo
yutsuki 150 MA
Toravony 60 keeper
and some froobs (buff mule etc)

-How would you describe yourself as a MMOG player?
I enjoy both pvp and pvm, i m focused on title 6 and 7 content, but I do play at different lvls

-Describe your experiences in other MMOGs (WoW, UO, EQ, AC, etc...)?
AO was first  MMO I played, tried aoc for very short time, then joined some org mate from AO into TSW, played for couple of months then quit.

-Have you ever been in another guild in AO?
Yes, when I started I join a guild on RK2 called The Patriots, org president at the time sold city and disbanded org, so I landed in Haven,  2007 or 2008, and been there since

-What exactly are you looking for in a guild?
A group of mature people, respectful and with good sense of humour, that enjoy different aspect of this game, preferably same time zone
-What time zone are you in?

-What's your native language?
I can speak English correctly (I think), but my  native language is Arabic. I doubt you have someone that speaks it, which means I can speak it in the future for new applicants if I am accepted :P
French as well
My name is Nadir, I am 37 years old,i work as freelance translator, from Algeria, so I am ingame alot, some of the time afk :P
I enjoy long walks on the b... (nvm :P)

Title: Re: New member application
Post by: Montez on February 09, 2019, 12:02:32 PM
Thanks for Applying to Storm!

We have a small application process which won't take too long to complete after that a recruitment officer will contact you ingame.

Until then feel free to join our guild guest channel, Just do /tell stormiebot !join, you will get denied access at first but someone will see the msg in guild chat and invite you in, Also feel free to hang with us at our org spot which is in front of BY 2 in OA.